Imaginary time capsule

An outlet. Do you wish to plug in?

Tilly Stratford
11 May 1987
androgyny, animal welfare, audio plays, aziraphale, basil rathbone, bing crosby, book shops, brigadier lethbridge-stewart, british accents, british radio comedy, buster keaton, charles dickens, cockneys, comics, creepy things, cult movies, dandies, dave allen, dave mckean, deforest kelley, doctor who, doctor/jamie, doctor/master, douglas adams, drawing, dreadlocks, dreads, eddie izzard, edward gorey, faeries, fangirling shamelessly, fops, fred astaire, gangster films, gay rights, gentleman thieves, good omens, graphic novels, groucho marx, homoerotic subtext, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, irish accents, isihac, john lennon, jonathan strange, kaizers orchestra, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, knut nærum, last chance to see..., le petit prince, les misérables, leslie howard, lewis, lewis carroll, libraries, london, lupin iii, m, mannen som elsket yngve, maurice, michael caine, monkey island, monty python, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwinter nights, nicholas nickleby, norse mythology, noses, old books, old movies, oliver twist, orson welles, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, patrick troughton, peace, peter lorre, pocket watches, pondus, qi, ray davies, ray ellington, reading, roald dahl, rock'n'roll, rocky horror picture show, ronja, sandman, sexy villains, sherlock holmes, silent comedies, silent films, simon and garfunkel, sketching, star trek, star trek tos, tarot, the 60s, the beatles, the goon show, the goons, the kinks, the marx brothers, the spirit, theatres, tom baker, typewriters, typisk norsk, vampires, waistcoats